Finding motivation

Raymond Navarro LMHC 8.12.22

Program Yourself

Raymond Navarro LMHC 7.29.22

Fighting Paralysis

By Ray Navarro MS

I know I probably should’ve told some of you about this earlier but sometimes a blessing can appear to be a curse. This is a good thing for me, be happy for me. We learn from suffering, it is the ultimate teacher and I am looking forward to evolving…

This video is in response to an article I wrote on Navarrotherapy.com regarding the stigma of anger.It talks about the sources of anger and coping skills for it.

A discussion based on a blog by the same name at http://www.navarrotherapy.com A discussion on the dangers of keeping kids at home vs the dangers of going back to school. Is it political? Or are we clueless?

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