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Anxiety is like fighting an enemy trying to keep you out of the sun. You claw and scratch to be let out. Depression is like being cradled by a con-… Anxiety

My Stalker and Me

By Raymond Navarro MS A couple of years ago I was put in a difficult situation and I had to hurt someone. I did not want to hurt that person, but I will always choose my kids first, I am getting ahead of myself. You should know that I get along with most people, afterContinue reading “My Stalker and Me”

Trauma release in an internet age

Part of the success of this website has been my willingness (and need) to speak things that many of my readers were thinking but not yet saying. As … Trauma release in an internet age

Anxiety, Depression and Thankfulness

(Make sure you read to the end of the post!) There’s a lot to be said for being thankful. 1.For a start, we have a lot to be grateful for – Even when… Anxiety, Depression and Thankfulness

By Ray Navarro MS

How to Stop Sabotaging Yourself

Written by Dr. Eric Perry Image Credit: Pixabay “I am the greatest obstacle to my greatest dreams.” ~Craig D. Lounsbrough The subconscious mind is … How to Stop Sabotaging Yourself

DBT training certified

So excited to add Dialectal Behavioral Therapy to my tool kit. The more I learn the more I can help. #dbt #cbt if you or anyone you know needs therapy please reach out. We have programs that make therapy available for everyone