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  • The Overwhelming Sound of Pain
    by Raymond Navarro MS LMHC “I have learned now that while those who speak about one’s miseries usually hurt, those who keep silence hurt more”  (C.S. Lewis). When you think of pain do you think physical or mental? When I was growing up there was a constant debate about nurture vs nature. People argued theirContinue reading “The Overwhelming Sound of Pain”
  • Finding motivation
  • Program yourself
    Learn to program yourself
  • The Power of Anxiety…
    I always say that every good therapist’s first client is themselves. We’re just like everyone else we’ve just learned more coping skills than most and went to school for a long time. However it was in that gauntlet of colleges, universities and grad school in which I learned the tools I needed to combat myContinue reading “The Power of Anxiety…”
  • Anxiety
    Introduction – Anxiety is a normal healthy emotion, natural stress response and is a feeling of worry or fear. Anxiety may occur if you are going for… Anxiety
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