The Power of Anxiety…

I always say that every good therapist’s first client is themselves. We’re just like everyone else we’ve just learned more coping skills than most and went to school for a long time. However it was in that gauntlet of colleges, universities and grad school in which I learned the tools I needed to combat myContinue reading “The Power of Anxiety…”

Do We Really Need Friends?

By Raymond Navarro MS LMHC 8/15/2021 What is a friend anyway? As a therapist I am constantly telling my clients how important it is to have friends and the positive effects of spending time with them. I tell them how everyone needs a strong support system and that we all need people we can confideContinue reading “Do We Really Need Friends?”

The Overwhelming Sound of Pain

by Ray Navarro MS “I have learned now that while those who speak about one’s miseries usually hurt, those who keep silence hurt more”  (C.S. Lewis). When you think of pain do you think physical or mental? When I was growing up there was a constant debate about nurture vs nature. People argued their pointContinue reading “The Overwhelming Sound of Pain”

Fighting Paralysis

By Ray Navarro MS I know I probably should’ve told some of you about this earlier but sometimes a blessing can appear to be a curse. This is a good thing for me, be happy for me. We learn from suffering, it is the ultimate teacher and I am looking forward to evolving…

We defy Foundation Veterans Day event

Hey guys as an abassador at the We Defy Foundation Im proud to invite you to join us this Veterans Day in celebrating and honoring those that risk their lives everyday for us. Whether you want to sign up you and your friends for a 5k run or your a dojo that is willing toContinue reading “We defy Foundation Veterans Day event”

What is Boredom?

By Ray Navarro MS What’s that quote “an idle mind is the devils playground”? I don’t know, I’ll have to look that one up later. I’m sitting here, my girlfriends is in front of me working on her crafts business, her kids are running around the house making noise and doing God knows what, I’mContinue reading “What is Boredom?”

Boise’s Leading Local News: Weather, Traffic, Sports and more | Boise, Idaho | |

Boise’s Leading Local News: Weather, Traffic, Sports and more | Boise, Idaho | | — Read on I usually don’t post news articles on this site But it’s important to understand where we are in the battle with mental health and the effect that the coronavirus is having on it. While we’veContinue reading “Boise’s Leading Local News: Weather, Traffic, Sports and more | Boise, Idaho | |”

The True Social Distancing…

By Ray Navarro MS When most people think of social distancing they think of masks and 6 feet. Is that what you think of? Because I don’t. I think of my daughters. What’s happening to my fourteen year old terrifies me of the present, and looking at my 8 year old scares me of whatContinue reading “The True Social Distancing…”

Everyone needs a passion, this is just a few reasons jiu jitsu is mine…

Researchers Doubt That Certain Mental Disorders Are Disorders At All

What if mental disorders like anxiety, depression or post-traumatic stress disorder aren’t mental disorders at all? — Read on Just wanted to share this interesting perspective on mental disorders. Comments?

6 Trauma Sensitive yoga and mindfulness tools to support youth Every day that we wake up we are struggling with the trauma of living in a pandemic. Maybe some of us adults can get through it but our kids, most of them, have not developed the skills they need to move forward. The resource I found for yoga and mindfulness tools is a greatContinue reading “6 Trauma Sensitive yoga and mindfulness tools to support youth”

How an anxious person might act vs What they’re thinking and feeling

As someone who deals with anxiety, something I’m commonly aware of is that how I might act towards someone may not provide a clear indication of how … How an anxious person might act vs What they’re thinking and feeling