Is Low Self-Esteem Something We’re Born With?

No! Insecurity and a lack of confidence are not characteristics that we’re born with. They are taught! Not only by bullies or abusive family members …

Is Low Self-Esteem Something We’re Born With?

Published by NavarroCounseling

Ten years experience working in mental health. Experience with children and adults ages 5 and up. I believe that a healthy balance in life and finding your purpose is the key to finding happiness. Available for telehealth, in office, and in home therapy.

2 thoughts on “Is Low Self-Esteem Something We’re Born With?

  1. I agree with you and believe that over time due to your environment and the people around you, your self esteem is affected and it sucks. Hopefully a lot of people can learn how to stand up and not accept it and not allow the bullies rule them. Great article!


  2. Thank you so much for sharing this post. And thank you for speaking out and sharing about depression and anxiety. You have a wonderful blog and I just followed you. Looking forward to reading more posts. 🙂❤

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