Everyone needs a passion, this is just a few reasons jiu jitsu is mine…


Therapy fundraiser

@simplystephcreations can make basically whatever you want but if you buy anything jiu jitsu related a portion of the proceeds will go to @navarro_counseling to help pay for therapy for low income families. Make sure it’s okay with your dojo first. Remember to visit and follow http://www.navarrotherapy.com for anything mental health related #fundraiser #bjj #wedefyfoundationContinue reading “Therapy fundraiser”

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Virus vs Quarantine? Mental vs physical health?

The Stigma of Anger

By Ray Navarro MS When I was a kid, I was an angry one. I was bullied, picked on, and at times I was even chased from school all the way home. I grew up hating people. I used my anger as a way of not just protecting myself but also as a way ofContinue reading “The Stigma of Anger”